Sponsors - Partner With Us

We have great sponsors on board... but with the financial strain to compete 6,000 miles away from home, we are looking for more!

Rocco has been dreaming of racing motorcycles since since he was 3 years old.

He has an opportunity as a top American racer, to represent the USA in one of the most competitive Mini GP racing series in the world, the 2018 Spanish RFME 85cc Championship.

He is dedicated, focused, and hard working He would make a fine ambassador of your brand or personal interest.

Rocco has his sights set on becoming a World Champion and is relentless in perfecting his craft to make that dream come true.

We are in hopes that you will partner with Rocco and watch this young rider make it to the podium and help us celebrate his victories.


What are some of the things Rocco wants to achieve through sponsorship?

Increase profile of sponsor

Create social impact

Be involved in charitable activities

Grow my network

Grow my credibility


Monetary Levels of Sponsorship

Platinum $50,000

Gold $25,000

Silver $10,000


Products Needed









Back Protection


What we can give in return?

Branded photos and videos

Images of product in action

Images of logo promoted at events

Logo on Equipment

Logo on Bike

Share content with my network

Product reviews

Product endorsement



Running events/Riding events/Races

Being face of campaign


Attend community or charity events

Feature in advertising - radio, print, podcast, online

Promoting events

Promote products and services within my network

*Any other way we can help


If you are interested in sponsoring Rocco for his 2018 season and beyond please reach out to us at: